Monday, December 28, 2009


ok so its 1:47 and tyler is all upset cause he got warm water poured on himself. About 20 minutes ago we ambushed andrew and me (mike rav) and himself wrestled a bit. it was sweet. Andrew a is raw, and causing a ruckus. DDuummbb shit.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


check this skate shit from dyl9, hes been keepin it real

Dylan Dragotta from Brian Nyberg on Vimeo.

other than this, me and tyler have officially become nomads, packed the pilot full of gear and are now at skeegon's.
rav and brendon are coming up tommorw
andrew and mikey p are coming up tomrow
were gonna do some boawdin pal.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The end of the semester....

I just finished up exams so now I'm going to post the final cool shit thats been going on, its not much but scope this shit.....
Tyler's 98! no one can believe it!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
...and my new sweet tail..
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lastly, Mikey P is revered for his extreme dedication when he made 300 hundred copies of paper with the Stace Crew URL, distributed them around school, and received 3 detentions. Thank you Michael, your a good guy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


On a lighter note than the previous post, this last week has been absolutely insane. Madness ranging from boarding, beans, pool, partying, scamming, competing, filming, fireworks, and uncomfotable sleeping conditions. here are some pics from this weekend that we wont forget.

The weekend started at Mr. Rego's where its appearant that we dont need computers to survive.

Chef French Connection and I made pasta..ty needed the bag over his head tho.

At 10 oclock we made a spur of the moment decision to head back to PSU.. only to have our lounges ruined by sulfur from fireworks. That was a good night. Late night blogging went down. STU made it! the next day we went boarding all day then the event formally known as thankjibbing went down. I came in third and made 50 bucks so i bought some beer and the night began. As I walked into 14 I saw this:

We jumped this kid earlier that night. All and all it was a great end it off...a great girl sue sent me this video of some awesome extreme footing. Check it out..feel free to give her some feedback..cough cough hate hate.

something about a year from susan D'Alessandro on Vimeo.

O ya and then sunday we woke up and went to Jib for Jake...and STACE CREW OWNED THAT ISH. Peep the footy and this clip.

Jibbing for Jacob from Paul Osborne on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


recently, much drama has been going on because people get mad at the activities that get posted on this blog, so to all of those who feel the need to look at this just go and complain, you might as well ffffFffFFuUcCKk OOooOOfFFff!!! 666 666 666
thank you!
Stace 666

Saturday, December 12, 2009


alrite so its 10:40 "headaches all over the place" says stu gingras. Tyler L is being a drama queen and needs to make apple cider. The boys need to re unite from all different areas around plymouth. We are all trying to go boarding, but we are very hungry, and tyler wants to sleep till 4. "I guess im gona go to the mountain and sleep all day" says TYLER L. BLOGGING is at an all time high right now...shits goin down..PEACE

PreJib09 from Skylar Brent on Vimeo.

dude..tyler is talking shit right now....peace....stu is laying in bed...peace.....wishing he was with a hot chick...... any takers?

This is the shit rego pulled tonight,the was talking about it.....spit game.holer

Friday, December 11, 2009


we boarded loon opening day, everyone went, pretty good fucking time, now me rav and tyler are staying the night in woodstock with skylar brendon devon jeremy stu this girl serena and adam. Might go to plymouth cause there having a party but we still gotta wait for stu to get here. tomrows gonna be ill to, brian keiths probalby gonna snowboard and mikey and andrew are getting the ok to come spend the night in plymouth, should be legit kinda like some other thing i know........

Saturday, November 28, 2009


problems have arised and since buliung doesnt want to hang out wtih us, im drinking some beers with fellow stace crew dawgs gomez and tyler and we've officially decided that buliung is indefiateley suspended from Stace Crew due to his invalid dedication to hang with the boyz and chill with the crew of Stace. Strong Mark was even here tonight and he had no prolem fucking with some people on my phone. Had a great time with tyler, andrew, michael p,griffwalds, jmont, taylor, jeff, and the solo skier, Phil gallant himself. By the way, its Phil's birthday tonight. We poured beer on him, he showered, gomez and tyler are with me drinking a beer still getting fucked up. We love the world. Everyone needs to stop being scared JSLV.

birthday parties......

this is a little preview of what we did tonight.....
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went to brians house last night wtih the seventeen yearold man child michael p, got too drunk, tried to sleep, puked got up, went to sleep on a futon in his parents room, woke up at five thirty in my futon but at the top of the stairs with a shitload of crap on face from garneau, went downstairs, drank a beer smoked a cig alone, woke up the manchild, went to attitash, got there at 830. Met up tyler and andrew, griff-walds showed up with brewer, taylor, and jmont, rode some shit all day, had a fucking blast, phil finally made it, its his birthday tonight at 12, hes gonna get owned, pointless update but its been a few days thought id share this crap.

Monday, November 23, 2009


About a month ago we made a late night trip to the Waterville mini... A bunch of us werent really motivated to lace some tricks.. so we had some fun. Heres the footy.

The MO extravaganza from Mike Ravelson on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


now how the hell did this....
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turn into this
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but other than that, this is pretty cool to
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

If only....

I had pictures to show of the wonderful display of snowboarding Tyler L'Heureux displayed today at snowboarding, luckily he won 300 blucks plus a DC aaron bittner snowboard, Stace crew kicked ass and took names this weekend, i woke up smelling of suntan lotion and had "I love jennah stone" on my arm" a very interesting lie. All this provided by brendon rego and tyler, we had 11 people at my house and mike the fourtwenty spliff master did mad skate moves, even made it to the finals in the sillyass railjam today. We're about to go rage because tyler bought a shitload of beer, the legend drove us home, we partied at chandlers, told some bitches to fuck off, and we're about to go rage again, videos to follow, I dont care if you dont give a shit about this information, I'm about to hurt chrisitan, and Christian Buling is still born fucking scared as hell. FUCK YOU CHRISTIAN,
ps. Andrew Aldridge, though he is stil in highschool, is a valid member of STACE CREW and he's the best at making the girls wet, all hussies can contact him at 603 630 5640.

Friday, November 20, 2009


today were are all for the most part, except for spencer buell cause he just HAS to play the game of skate later, are going to my old stomping grounds in East Kingston. If it dosnt rain we plan to skate exeter with a gang of 9 or 10. I almost just pooped my pants when I tried to fart but thats not as wild as what we did last night. Rav punched me in the face, so i punched him back, the bigger cole tried to kiss me on the lips, Stace did like seven and a half footplants, I BLT'd, Phil tried to criticize our friendship, Brian Keith went to bed at 12, Tyler L'Heureux had nine shirts on, Kip was wasted, Alli was so sober she blacked out, Kara didnt pee the bed, Heather got a sex change, and Holmes turned 19, safe to say it was pretty fun. Tonight were gonna party at chandlers hopefully and then do some shitty ass rail jam in the AM

early morning wake up

just sayin....

Thursday, November 19, 2009


me and cole are sitting here, we both got the new friendly fire t's there fucking tight, fuck all the other crews, we've had a little to drink, dualie cole's are sitting at the computer and we think tucker browns a pretty good n00b we hate we hate, but its straight.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


so i was recently informed by a mr. tucker brown that he thinks he's the man and can go around threatening to break things that i own when i push his buttons, well just for that tucker, im going to post an already broadcasted photo of your gayness in showing that you do have blonde hair, play soccer, and did indeed cry when you lost the championships, have fun explaining this one to the masses, pussy.

It really dosnt matter....

What ravelson tries to say about bueling, hes still the most scared born individual i know, and his ambitions of eigth grade included being a herpitologist and he loved earth science and working on his computer game. Plus, he only skates his boards until they have like seven scratches on them

The first Bio

Christian David Buliung - AKA - Spencer Buell, Paco Dean

1. Fun fact: circumsized at age 10

2. Favorite candy: "you know whats fuckin good? War head sour spray!" Christian

3. First word: Fuck

4. 4.Stance: +15,+15 - 26.75 inch stance.

-Questions answered by parents Marc Olivieri and Danielle Cugini:

5. Where was he concieved: On the back of the school bus when we were 14 years old, at bike week.

6. Why named Christian: At a young age he had strong signs of religious belief, thought to be the next Jesus. Later on in life spirituality channeled to satan.

7. Fun fact: he was born with a full beard, and bit through his own umbilicol cord, and told the doctor to fuck off.

Another Bio coming next week! Keep lookin!
Stuff from the beginning of the year.
Much more to come.

Untitled from Mike Ravelson on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago the boys had an interesting weekend full of mischief, murder, mayhem, and miley cyrus. It was Johnny B's birthday and the masses headed towards 14 to show the love. We had a great time, and the next day we dragged our asses out of bed at 7 in the morning to get some snowboardin in. Heres the footy.

Untitled from Mike Ravelson on Vimeo.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The First

Right now, Tyler L'Heureux and Mike RAv have recently received new haircuts, we are sitting in 340 marylyons right now with some n00bs and phil gallant is moping hard. If anyone cares about this weekend, Stacey Peralta had not only his birthday party, but his graduation party as well. needless to say, bad and good decisions were made and the weekend was a success, pictures will follow soon, but the people with cameras, tyler and mike, are showering, TOGETHER to get the freshly shaven hairs off their backs.

Christian Buling is a bitch.