Wednesday, December 16, 2009


On a lighter note than the previous post, this last week has been absolutely insane. Madness ranging from boarding, beans, pool, partying, scamming, competing, filming, fireworks, and uncomfotable sleeping conditions. here are some pics from this weekend that we wont forget.

The weekend started at Mr. Rego's where its appearant that we dont need computers to survive.

Chef French Connection and I made pasta..ty needed the bag over his head tho.

At 10 oclock we made a spur of the moment decision to head back to PSU.. only to have our lounges ruined by sulfur from fireworks. That was a good night. Late night blogging went down. STU made it! the next day we went boarding all day then the event formally known as thankjibbing went down. I came in third and made 50 bucks so i bought some beer and the night began. As I walked into 14 I saw this:

We jumped this kid earlier that night. All and all it was a great end it off...a great girl sue sent me this video of some awesome extreme footing. Check it out..feel free to give her some feedback..cough cough hate hate.

something about a year from susan D'Alessandro on Vimeo.

O ya and then sunday we woke up and went to Jib for Jake...and STACE CREW OWNED THAT ISH. Peep the footy and this clip.

Jibbing for Jacob from Paul Osborne on Vimeo.

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