Friday, November 20, 2009


today were are all for the most part, except for spencer buell cause he just HAS to play the game of skate later, are going to my old stomping grounds in East Kingston. If it dosnt rain we plan to skate exeter with a gang of 9 or 10. I almost just pooped my pants when I tried to fart but thats not as wild as what we did last night. Rav punched me in the face, so i punched him back, the bigger cole tried to kiss me on the lips, Stace did like seven and a half footplants, I BLT'd, Phil tried to criticize our friendship, Brian Keith went to bed at 12, Tyler L'Heureux had nine shirts on, Kip was wasted, Alli was so sober she blacked out, Kara didnt pee the bed, Heather got a sex change, and Holmes turned 19, safe to say it was pretty fun. Tonight were gonna party at chandlers hopefully and then do some shitty ass rail jam in the AM

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