Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The first Bio

Christian David Buliung - AKA - Spencer Buell, Paco Dean

1. Fun fact: circumsized at age 10

2. Favorite candy: "you know whats fuckin good? War head sour spray!" Christian

3. First word: Fuck

4. 4.Stance: +15,+15 - 26.75 inch stance.

-Questions answered by parents Marc Olivieri and Danielle Cugini:

5. Where was he concieved: On the back of the school bus when we were 14 years old, at bike week.

6. Why named Christian: At a young age he had strong signs of religious belief, thought to be the next Jesus. Later on in life spirituality channeled to satan.

7. Fun fact: he was born with a full beard, and bit through his own umbilicol cord, and told the doctor to fuck off.

Another Bio coming next week! Keep lookin!

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