Saturday, November 21, 2009

If only....

I had pictures to show of the wonderful display of snowboarding Tyler L'Heureux displayed today at snowboarding, luckily he won 300 blucks plus a DC aaron bittner snowboard, Stace crew kicked ass and took names this weekend, i woke up smelling of suntan lotion and had "I love jennah stone" on my arm" a very interesting lie. All this provided by brendon rego and tyler, we had 11 people at my house and mike the fourtwenty spliff master did mad skate moves, even made it to the finals in the sillyass railjam today. We're about to go rage because tyler bought a shitload of beer, the legend drove us home, we partied at chandlers, told some bitches to fuck off, and we're about to go rage again, videos to follow, I dont care if you dont give a shit about this information, I'm about to hurt chrisitan, and Christian Buling is still born fucking scared as hell. FUCK YOU CHRISTIAN,
ps. Andrew Aldridge, though he is stil in highschool, is a valid member of STACE CREW and he's the best at making the girls wet, all hussies can contact him at 603 630 5640.

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